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Dudley News 13.6.2012 E-Mail
Freitag, 15. Juni 2012

Dudley News

Keepers reunited with two old pals!

11:10am Wednesday 13th June 2012 in LocalImage

Catching up with tiger Daseep, are Wuppertal Zoo visitors Nadine Hess, Barbara Scheer and Janis Dormagen and Dudley Zoo’s assistant curator, Richard Brown.

DUDLEY Zoo’s tiger twosome, Daseep and Tschuna received a very special visit from their former keepers.

The young female tigers have now settled into the Castle Hill attraction following their transfer fromWuppertal Zoo in Germany in February, as part of an international breeding programme.

And keen to see the pair in their new home were Wuppertal Zoo keepers, Nadine Hess and Janis Dormagen, who helped raise the pair from cubs, as well as the zoo’s volunteer photographer, Barbara Scheer, who relished the opportunity to snap more photographs of the girls four months on.


And the tigers instantly recognised their old friends and were delighted when the keepers produced their old ball, which they played with as tiny cubs.

Jill Hitchman, head of media and communications, said: “It was lovely to meet the Wuppertal staff and for them to see their tiger girls again. They were very happy with the progress they have made and loved their new home and spent hours in both the public and off view areas with the big cats.

“They weren’t sure Tschuna and Daseep would recognise them, but they did instantly.”

During their two-day visit to the town, the group were given a tour of the zoo by Dudley’s keepers and also enjoyed a traditional afternoon cream tea.

Jill added: “They went back laden with zoo goodies including an adoption pack for Tschuna and have promised to visit again next year.”



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